Ray Hildebrand

Ray is retired USAF and National Guard Member, Ray is married to his wife for 40+ years, and is the father of 2 woman who have given him 2 wonderful grandchildren.  Ray is a retired school teacher who has served on many levels and has served in many capacities of the teachers associations. Ray is very active in the organization and brings to the table much enthusiasm and knowledge, especially about the B52. he serves as a tour guide and is in charge of the Hounddog Missiles project. Ray has kept us up to date on everything associated with the missile and the wing areas. We look forward to Rays advice and leadership, and can do attitude for a long time to come!


Matt Cole, Eagle Scout, and a all around good guy who helped to get this whole thing started.  His c

Matt Cole

Eagle Scout, and a all around good guy who helped to get this whole thing started.  His carpentry skills have played an important role in making our building what it is today.   Matt Cole knows what has to be done and does it. Elected in September 2005. Matt is as eager as it gets and is the driving force that keeps us going. Matt is married to Joanna and have 2 wonderful children Meghan, and Ryan. Matt is active as a scout leader and helps scouts with Eagle Court. 

Matt is the driving force with helping with the new floors and installation of them. 

We look forward to working with Matt for a long time to come. 

Secretary and TREASURER


Secretary, Cuppy Johndro, is a USAF Veteran with 6 years of USAF under her belt. 

She manages the website, two facebook sites, does the displays, takes care of life members, sends emails, leads fundraisers, and so much more. She is very active in all she does. Cuppy served at Loring at the 42nd Strategic Hospital as an X-ray tech, with her husband Terry who is the treasurer. She is active in other Veterans groups, is Vice Commander at the American Legion Post 15 in Caribou and is active with Relay for life. She has 2 children a Son Chris who is a Navy Veteran served as a logistics Specialist, and a Daughter Ashley in the USAF who is a load master on C130's.  

Terry A. Johndro is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, who served for 20+ years.. Terry is a full time Xray tech and also is a Knights of Columbus in Limestone, Maine. He is a member of the Disabled Veterans of America, and is active with  the center. Terry is very diligent about keeping the books straight and is on top of all issues with money. If anyone will keep us straight it's Terry. He is up front and knows what he likes and is honest enough to say it. Terry is  married to Cuppy and they have a son Chris US Navy veteran and a daughter Ashley in the USAF.

director john bourgoine sr.


John Bourgoine Sr. 

John grew up and was raised in Aroostook County. John's Dad owned what was the pea patch area of the base. He has spoken on many youtube videos and in our video as well as another about the land and what it was like to grow up in the County and what it was like pre base. John is married to a wonderful woman Brenda. Both have helped with our Brownie Ala Mode sale many years and come out to our events. John is outspoken and quiet at the same time. Great asset to have for us! 

DIRECTOR reginald ouilette


Reggie is a a Master Electrician and overall amazing man. Reggie is 91 years old and has the heart and enthusiasm of a 25 year old man. Reggie has given us the juice for our buildings, by climbing up and down ladders to keep our lights blazing. Reggie has been in and out of every building on the base, in some sort of capacity since 1952. He started there when there were just 3 buildings on the base. 

He was instrumental in getting our new showroom up and running with power. He has save us a lot of money by donating his time, his effort and getting his sons help as well for our cause. 

Reggie has been there since the start and we are humbled to have him on our side.

Reggie is married to his wife Theresa for over 65 years and both are active at church. They have 5 children together

Reggie was voted in November of 2011. 

DIRECTOR ray vogel


Ray served in the USAF for 4 years having honorably discharged as a Sergeant. Ray was stationed at Loring and brings much knowledge to us. Ray became a director in November of 2010 and is a great asset to us. Ray is a constant volunteer who is eager to help in any capacity that he can. He is hard working and always willing to lend a hand. Soft spoken he has served as volunteer to little league, his church as youth leader, and is active with radio controlled car club. He is a Nascar enthusiast and sets up booths at fairs and in the mall. He sits and chats with anyone and is an overall great guy. Always willing to lend a hand.  

Ray has been married to Sheri for 40 years, and they live in Caribou

member at large


Mr. David King is a smart, intelligent man who loves to help out. He knows all about Loring and is a go to person when we need information. He loves to do the tours of the WSA and we look to him for his knowledge, wisdom and great attitude!

Thanks David for always helping!  

member at large


Tonya Ossenfort was one of the driving forces behind the dog cemetery along with her spouse Bill Ossenfort. Bill has since passed away but he was our past president for 10 years. Both were active. 

Tonya remains active at the Center and we always can count on her for her go to attitude. 

Thanks Tonya for always being there!! 

member at large


Herman and Pauline Gaskins not only get involved but they involve their family from afar. They are there when we need them, and are eager to help. 

Herman still works on base and is very active at the Loring Job Corp. 

Thanks Pauline and Herman!! 

member at large


Mr. Wayne Selfridge is very active in helping when we need him. He is very active at the Loring Wildlife Refuge but when the Open Houses occur, he is Johnny on the spot. Wayne was at Loring for many years, and he is a Retired SMSGT. Thanks Wayne for all you do! 

member at large


Marilyn and Bill Cowan come all the way from Tennessee to man the center every summer. Their daughter lives in Canada and they have an RV they stay in while here. They man the Center when no one is able and are always willing to lend a hand. Bill was at Loring and he is very knowledgeable about the base. A former SPS he loves to talk about his time at Loring AFB and other bases. He had quite the career for sure. 

They come up every summer and we can't wait to see them each and every year. They have become wonderful friends and are a true asset to the Musuem.

Thanks you both very much!! YOUR GREAT! 

member at large


Bob and Sue Mayshock and family come up for a weekend in the summer to help man the center. Pictured are their grandsons who are so hardworking and very polite young boys and men. 

They clean the center, sweep, dust, clean windows, move displays help put up displays and do whatever is needed when they are there. 

The boys Dominic, Sawyer and Owen are an asset to our Center and we totally appreciate the help. We hope they will continue to join us year after year. 

Coming up from Pennsylvania is a long trip but they all love it here!! 

Thank you for all you do!! 

Site Content

members at large


Brian and Donna Holmberg have come up and manned the center when needed. Brian was stationed at Loring and donates items he finds on ebay to our Center. 

Thanks for all you do!! 

We hope to have you as friends for a long time to come! 

members at large


Ron and Joanne Craft are two awesome people. They support the center and Ron has spoken at several open houses. 

They bought a piece of Loring in land and come up and then man the center for us. Thank you guys!! 




Past President

William "OZZIE" Bill Ossenfort was our president for 10 years. Bill retired as a MSGT in the USAF, and was married to Tonya one of our members and active participants. Bill was active in our museum and took a leadership role, and moved us so far forward. He helped raise the roof of the new garage and helped man the center and open it for all kinds of visitors. Bill was active in all our fundraisers and brought the family along to help out with Tonya. Bill was at Loring a long time and he was a great bowler and member of the OMS squadron. Thank you Ozzie for all you did to better our Center. We miss you very much. 

**Ozzie has passed away but he is in our hearts and minds as we move forward. 

James R. Moore, retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, has a formidable interest in jet engines and also monitors the Center’s books to insure that we have sufficient funds to meet our financial obligations.  He also works part-time for the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, a statewide advocacy agency for the elderly.   He is a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Also acts as a non-paid advisor on military issues to Congressman Michael Michaud of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.  Jim is married to Carol, who was as active and helpful as Jim was. 


Spurge A. Nason, born in the nearby town of Houlton, Maine, graduated from Hodgdon High School in 1969.  He joined the U.S. Military in the same year and served two tours with the Marines in Vietnam.  He also served in Japan and in Thailand.  Receiving an Honorable discharge in 1972, he went on to college to earn Bachelors’ in Business and in Social Services.    He began his Federal Civil Service Career in 1975 and worked at the former Loring Air Force Base for 29 years as a Draftsman and Community Planner.     He is a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts.  He and his family live in Caribou.  Nason has done an excellent job of obtaining and preserving the many displays we have on-hand.  NOTE:  Spurg is still around and helping as he always has. He brings a voice of reason and concern. Thanks Spurg for all you have done for the Center! 

Darrell Sterling, retired Air Force Master Sergeant who worked in Finance his entire Air Force career.  Now works at Defense Accounting & Finance in Limestone, Maine as a supervisor. Provided valuable in-puts for our annual audit. NOTE:  Darrell is not active but was very helpful in the beginning years with us. Thanks Darrell for all your help. 

Norman Johndro, served with the Air Force during the Korean War and later on became a Federal Civil Servant for 30 years at the former Loring Air Force Base and now volunteers at the Maine Veterans Home in Caribou, Maine. Norman was married to Joyce and an amazing family man. 

NOTE: Norman is no longer with us, and is sorely missed. 

Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, Dean Brakel, held the President’s position from our Center’s beginnings in September 2005 to October 2007. Dean is no longer in Maine and has since retired. Thanks Dean for being there at the beginning and a few years after. Great job. 

Cathie Mary Welch held the secretary’s position from September 2005 – October 2007.  Welch was the 42nd Bomb Wing’s Base Commander’s Secretary and started at the former Loring Air Force Base in December 1964 and worked there until it closed in September 1994.  She worked for seventeen different Base Commander’s during that time period.  She is not active with the Loring Military Heritage Center, but recently did do an interview for us.  NOTE: Cathie has since retired due to vision issues and lives in Caribou. 

Wayne Selfridge, retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant and Member at Large, came on board in September 2005 to help our Center get off the ground. With his plate already full as the Executive Director of the Loring Wildlife Refuge, a detective for the Presque Isle, Maine Police Department and a U.S. Marshall for Homeland Security,    he still found time to attend meetings, offer suggestions and to provide management expertise in critical areas.  He helped us navigate through the many Federal and State application forms The Center needed to qualify as a non-profit organization.   He is still active with Loring Military Heritage as well as the Loring Wildlife. 

Robert Ellenwood, Executive Board member and retired Air Force Master Sergeant.  Only served for short time but still gave us his best. Still active with the Center. 

**Sadly Bob has passed away and is very missed.